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Our mission is to make sure this is the best damn day of your life. We want you to remember this day as a stress free experience & something you'll brag about to your friends and family for years to come. We are all about that unique experience & want this to be better than you ever have dreamed of.

One of the best parts about having a FULL wedding team is that you don't have to lift a finger unless it's for another bite of cake or more champagne. We want you to relax & enjoy each other. This is the one day everything is truly about both of you. Take complete advantage of this. 

No two designs are alike. We feel that each couple is unique. Which means all aspects of your day are customized to fit you. Your vibe, Mojo & Zodiac sign will be taken into account.

100% support

We love what we do.

We are passionate about what we do. Creating your day brings us joy & tears. We pride ourselves on loving love as much as you love each other. 
Plus we really know how to throw an amazing party. 

Personal Support System

Whether you need someone to cry to or laugh with. We know this can be stressful. We want you both to know we are just a call, email or text away. Unlimited contact is 100% there. 

What it is like to work with us?

custom design

you're special to us


Your Wedding day should be all about you

Choose your Adventure

who our couples are:

Want the feel of a warm and welcoming dinner party but with a really great dance floor ▪ Love turning the lights low and letting the candles light up the room ▪ Want to serve great food without it feeling stuffy ▪ Love the little details that are “so us” ▪ Want to have so much fun that they forget about the rest of the world while they spend the day, laughing and loving, surrounded by the most important people in their lives

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what a day with ember & stone looks like

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Anyone can plan a wedding, but planning a unique, designed experience.. That's a little different. 

From the desert to the wilderness

A lot of couples are choosing to elope in national and state parks. This style of weddings attracts free-spirited people, looking to have an adventurous wedding day. But don’t feel limited to just national parks, you can have your elopement on the beach, in the city, at an Airbnb, in a vineyard, and my favorite: somewhere that means the most to you both.

Think about it, there are ENDLESS options to where your elopement can be located. I would think about your bucket list destinations, and start from there.

we cover it all

Here are some other questions to think about when finding an elopement location:

✔ What is your favorite season?
✔ What do you like to do while traveling?
✔ What are your top 5 bucket list destinations?
✔ What type of scenery do you like to be surrounded by?
(Mountains, waterfalls, beaches, sand dunes, ocean cliffs, valleys of flowers etc.)

Why does location matter? 

A good location can change the entire outlook on your wedding day. Think about it? breathing in the fresh air, shot-gunning a beer off a canyon? These things matter. 

You get a blank canvas.

When having a unique location for your wedding you get tons of memories with it. You can look back at your dress, see the red clay from the zion rocks, have the wildlife come to life at your ceremony, These are the details you'll remember.

Do something unique

Want a wedding experience that is unlike everyone else's? Well maybe adventuring eloping is a good option for you! When it comes to something intimate, unique & holy hell AMAZING. This is a great option. The world is your oyster Let's explore it!

2024 & 2025

One of my favorite things about what we do is that we get to travel & create magic EVERYWHERE.
Planning a destination wedding is no easy task. But that’s why we’re here to be your experts no matter the location!

When it comes to planning a destination wedding we have lots of extra steps compared to our standard planning process that we take to make sure life is good! From additional site visits, venting & checking out all the local vendors we can suggest for you & even the overall design of your day. Everything is created around this. You want an expert planning your day when it comes to planning from a far. 

Check out where we are headed!! If you are interested in a destination wedding location make sure to check out our travel dates to see if we are there!
We give discounted travel fees if we will already be in that area at the time!

I'm so down. Let's do this!

2025 Travel Dates

2024 travel dates

February 9th - 13th 2023: Cabo San Lucas, MEX
February 20th 2023: Joshua Tree / Palms Springs, CA
April 10th 2023: Phoenix, AZ
April 29th 2023:  Joshua Tree / Palms Springs, CA
May 14th 2023:  Joshua Tree / Palms Springs, CA
June 9th 2023: Phoenix AZ / Flagstaff, AZ


July 1st - July 31st 2023: Pennsylvania & Virginia  
September 14th - September 20th 2023: Santorini, Greece
September 28th 2023: Zion National Park, UT
October 6th 2023: Joshua Tree / Palms Springs, CA
October 28th 2023: Joshua Tree / Palms Springs, CA
November 18th 2023: Phoenix, AZ


January 11th 2024: Puerto Rico
September 7th 2024: Colorado 



International Elopements & Intimate Weddings

For the globetrotters looking to leave the country on their wedding day. The world is at your finger tips from a wedding experience on a sailboat in Santorini to a 6-hour sunrise hike in the Italian Alps.

We have updated passports and are ready to go!
If you’re hoping to elope somewhere international, or simply outside of our travel suggestions, feel free to reach out and we’ll let you know our availability!

say no more, We're in!


Why do I need a wedding planner?

Planning your big day is no joke & we do not take it lightly. We fight for your vision to happen. There is a lot behind the scenes when it comes to a wedding and we do not want you to have any surprises.

We make sure all the ducks are in a row so you have nothing to worry about the day of your wedding. Even just finding a location for your day can take weeks. With our experience in the event industry and with our past experience working with vendors we make sure you get the best deals and your day goes uninterrupted.


We believe that every couple is unique. No experience is the same which means pricing will differ dependent on a couple of different factors. Location, guest count, specific items needed/requested & even the date. Want to learn more about our packages, visit our services page or contact us! 


We always say sooner the better! We want to make sure that your date is secure & all yours. We only work on one event a day. So when you book that day is completely yours. 

We recommend booking 6 to 9 months in advance from your date. But, have no fear we are able to create your dream day within 2 weeks if needed! 


All of the planning & design is done exclusively with our lead designer, Niki. She is a creative wizard & the brains behind the operation as well as all communication. She also will be there for you on your big day as well.

Sam is our lead full service coordinator. She is here to help Niki make sure your day goes smoothly & great! Lexi is our elopement coordinator. She looks behind the scenes to secure all your vendors & coordinates all the little details of your day.
Together we make quite the bunch.  


EVERYWHERE! Since our home base is in Las Vegas we attract a lot of couples from all over the world, the views are truly like no other. and we have such a unique & creative elopement & micro wedding experience.
Our couples range from local in Las Vegas to all the way across the pond. Since we have a large variety of couples that make this a destination we do our best to make sure this feel like the comfort of your backyard with a super great scenery.

Some of our favorite locations to work in are Joshua Tree, Big Sur, Oregon, Arizona, & really anywhere on the west coast! 
It really just depends on where you are dreaming of your big day happening. We can make magic happen anywhere. 

I want something unique & over the top.

We are the yes team & we are so ready to make whatever you are dreaming up come to LIFE. 

We are very into the unique & customized experience when it comes to all of our planning packages & really want this to be the best damn day of your life. We ask for all your inspiration when it comes to the day of & do our very best to make sure we blow it out of the water. Our overall goal is to make you speechless the whole day. 

i'm feeling your vibe - lets do it

oh hey, I'm Niki

the wedding planning & design queen

I (110%) care as much about your big day as you do. I take this whole wedding planning/designing, best day of your life thing seriously. And if you’ve invited me to be part of this very special day I'm ready to give you the best damn experience of a lifetime. 

I am a creative design expert, lover of symmetry, frequent flier, red wine sipping, true crime obsessed, glass half full, type of gal who cannot wait to create your dream day. Not only am I going to be your BFFL, but I am laid back, suuuper rad & have some pretty ice breakers. 

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